Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative

About the Initiative

The Michigan Neuroimaging initiative aims to enhance and expand neuroimaging research at the University of Michigan and to encourage collaboration with other neuroimaging researchers and researchers in other fields who can contribute innovative methods, computational resources, or new perspectives that will aid neuroimaging research. Specifically, we are committed to the following goals.

Enhancing interaction amongst investigators

Nurturing and expanding the neuroimaging community at the University of Michigan.

Developing integrated neuroimaging core services

Providing a computational and methodological infrastructure to support that community. Infrastructure here means both capital (scanners, computers, software) and human (technical staff, faculty hires, student recruiting) resources that provide ongoing support for neuroimaging activities.

Building a training and consulting infrastructure

Implementing a common set of workflows and providing training and consultation in their usage, freeing investigators to devote their time to more sophisticated issues and to innovation.