Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative

Many people participate in, contribute to, and otherwise support the activities of the Michigan NII. The following is a partial list of those who have support our work.



Adriene Beltz, Psychology

Nico Bohnen, Radiology

Soo-Eun Chang, Psychiatry

Lora Cope, Psychiatry

Alexandre DaSilva, Dentistry

Elizabeth Duval, Psychiatry

Kate Fitzgerald, Psychiatry

Ashley Gearhardt, Psychology

Richard Gonzalez, Psychology and Research Center for Group Dynamics

Benjamin Hampstead, Psychiatry

Jillian Hardee, Psychiatry

Luis Hernandez-Garcia, Biomedical Engineering and the fMRI Laboratory

Mary Heitzeg, Psychiatry

David Hsu, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Xiaosu Hu, Center for Human Growth and Development

Luke Hyde, Psychology

Alexandru Iordan, Psychology

John Jonides, Psychology and the fMRI Laboratory

Anthony King, Psychiatry

Ioulia Kovelman, Psychology and Human Growth and Development

Taraz Lee, Psychology

Israel Liberzon, Psychiatry

Cindy Lustig, Psychology

Tara Madhyastha, Unversity of Washington, Radiology and Integrated Brain Imaging Center

Christopher Monk, Psychology

Martijn Muller, Radiology

Douglas Noll, Biomedical Engineering and the fMRI Laboratory

Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, Psychology

Scott Peltier, fMRI Laboratory and Biomedical Engineering

Thad Polk, Psychology

Stephanie Preston, Psychology

Molly Simmonite, Psychology

Chandra Sripada, Psychiatry

Stephan Taylor, Psychiatry

Ivy Tso, Psychiatry

Robert Welsh, University of Utah


Michael Angstadt, Psychiatry

Andrew Jahn, fMRI Laboratory

Krisanne Litinas, fMRI Laboratory

Kristin Manella, Psychiatry

Mary Soules, Psychiatry