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National Sustainable Buildings Workshop

Date: 8-9 October, 1999

Alumni Center (directions), 200 Fletcher Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Concurrent events, open to all students, faculty and the general public

On both days informative and exciting videos will be shown parallel to the working group sessions (9 a.m.- 7 p.m.), which will deal with various aspects and approaches of "green buildings." These videos range from the introduction of environmentally responsible design concepts, to the economic and environmental benefits of specific technologies, case studies, "how-to" videos, and talks by distinguished speakers, such as William McDonough (William McDonough + Partners, Charlottesville, VA), and David Orr (Oberlin College, Environmental Studies Program, Oberlin, OH).

Please refer to the list below for the contents and showing-times of the videos.

Title of VideoShowing Time Brief Description
Sustainable Design Strategies, National Park Service 9:00 a.m."Sustainable Design" strategies of the National Park Service, and case studies
Energy Technology Solutions for the 90s and beyond 9:10 a.m.Photo-voltaics, solar hot water, fuel cells, energy-"effective" lighting: The technology, case studies, and federal financing strategies
William McDonough, "Sustainable Design" 10:50 a.m.An engaging speech on Sustainability in the context of the built environment
Ecological design12:50 p.m. The evolution of ecological design in the 20th century: On the ideas and prototypes of pioneering designers (from Buckminster Fuller to Bill McDonough)
Kendall House2:00 p.m. A walk-through visit to a small, environmentally appropriate private residence
Energy-efficient home2:15 p.m. Detailed illustration of the most important measures for making an existing home very energy-efficient and more comfortable (insulation, infiltration, HVAC, fireplace, appliances)
Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)2:45 p.m. The manufacturing, design and installation process, and economic/environmental benefits of SIPs
Ridgehaven Green Building demonstration project 3:15 p.m.Case study on an award-winning "green" office building renovation in San Diego
Passive heating/ cooling/ ventilation strategies 3:35 p.m.An overview of passive design strategies for heating/ cooling/ ventilation in commercial and residential buildings
High-rise buildings recycling systems3:50 p.m. Illustration of a technology for transforming a trash-chute in high-rise buildings into a selective recycling center
Occupancy sensors4:05 p.m. Technologies, economic and environmental benefits, and case studies
Waterless toilets4:25 p.m. Waterless compost toilets and greywater use in commercial applications
EPA's "Green Lights"4:35 p.m. Environmental savings and economic benefits of saving electricity in lighting applications
Geothermal heating/cooling in military housing 4:50 p.m.Geothermal: An illustration of the technology, applications, and economic/environmental benefits
"Living Machines" for waste-water treatment 5:10 p.m.Illustration of the commercially available biological waste-water treatment technology
David Orr, "Sustainable Education" 5:20 p.m.An engaging speech on the role of architecture and education in achieving Sustainability


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