This is the webpage for the Summer 2021 edition of DRAGON (Directed Readings in Algebraic Geometry Online), a learning seminar at the University of Michigan.


Lawrence–Venkatesh "Diophantine problems and p-adic period mappings" [arxiv].

Time and place

Mondays 11am–12pm over Zoom.


May 24WeiIntroduction
May 31AndyThe Gauss-Manin connection and the complex period morphism
June 7HaoyangThe p-adic period morphism and comparison with the complex situation
June 14NickGalois representations and Hodge structures
June 21KarolS-unit equation
June 28AlexThe proof of Mordell’s conjecture: Outline of the strategy and first steps
July 5ShizhangRational points on the base of an abelian-by-finite family
July 12RuijieThe Kodaira-Parshin family
July 19ZhiyuThe monodromy of Kodaira-Parshin families (Part 1)
July 26ShubhodipThe monodromy of Kodaira-Parshin families (Part 2)
August 2JamesThe Ax-Schanuel theorem of Bakker and Tsimerman
August 9ZiquanHigher dimensions
August 16BhargavComparison with other approaches to finiteness


Bhargav, Wei, and Andrew. Contact one of us for more information.


The seminar is supported by our NSF RTG grant.