Productivity Pony




  • What is Productivity Pony?
  • A program that ties your word count on a writing project (novel, homework, thesis) to the health and happiness of a pony you create. You specify a number of words to write per day, and your pony eats that amount daily-- unless you don't write, in which case it starves.

  • Can my pony starve to death?
  • No, but it can seriously hate you. This is why you need to be productive.

  • What if I can't write every day?
  • You can build up a surplus by writing more than your daily requirement if you aren't going to be able to update for a while. Also, for every 100 words you write, there's a chance you could acquire a random food item for your pony. These can act as word supplements if you fall behind on your quota.

  • What happens if I finish my project?
  • Marking your project as finished releases your pony back into the pasture. You can use the same pony for later projects if you've formed a lasting emotional bond.

  • Does the program work on anything besides Windows?
  • Not until I figure out what a Mono is.

  • Do I have to install the .NET Framework to install Productivity Pony?
  • Yep: this is a great explanation of why exactly.

  • Who is responsible for this unholy masterpiece?
  • Olivia Walch and David Renardy. Contact us with any and all glitches.

  • Are there any fonts used in the program besides Impact and Comic Sans MS?
  • Obviously not.