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I graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 2002 with a B.S. in oceanography, then served for five years as an active duty Naval Officer. I was the Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer (ASWO) and Force Protection Officer in the weapons department aboard USS SHOUP (DDG 86).  I was aboard SHOUP for her first two deployments in support of  anti-narcotics and anti-terrorism missions across the Pacific, as well as humanitarian missions in support of the 2004 Asian tsunami relief effort.   Following my tour at sea, I became a Meteorological and Oceanography Officer and completed a shore tour at the Naval Maritime Forecast Center / Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Pearl Harbor HI.  There, I was an operational weather forecaster, ship routing officer, and the assistant operations officer.

Following active duty, I completed the Ph.D. program in Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIM) at the University of Michigan in 2013.  My thesis developed a Lagrangian Particle Method for solving the equations that model fluid flow on a sphere, for applications related to weather and climate modeling.  

I received Sandia National LaboratoriesJohn von Neumann Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2014 and continue to research numerical methods for fluid dynamics problems.  

Research Interests

I am interested in the interdisciplinary use of applid mathematics and scientific computation.  I develop numerical methods based on rigorous mathematical theory that are closely coupled to an application area from another scientific discipline.   I have a background in meteorology and physical oceanography, so my research is currently geared toward those application areas primarily.  Translating numerical methods into high-performance software for use in modern parallel computers is an important component of my work. 

The majority of my work concerns fluid dynamics in general or modeling of fluid flows related to weather and climate.  I use Lagrangian particle methods to simulate a flow, and develop numerical methods for computing on scattered data.  The theoretical basis of my work comes from the field of vortex methods and linear integral equations; in the process of attempting to solve complex problems, I’ve encountered the fields of computational geometry, scattered data interpolation and approximation, parallel computing, algorithm design, and software design. 

I am actively developing code to solve PDEs using Lagrangian Particle Methods (LPM).  This coding effort began during my Ph.D. thesis and continued throughout my postdoc.   If you’re interested, you may check out the latest version from Github.com.

Subjects: Geophysical fluid dynamics, particle methods, vortex methods, scientific computing, mathematical modeling, mathematics education.


I habe been competively training a German Shepherd in the sport of Schutzhund since 2010, I occasionally play/perform acoustic guitar, try to stay healthy in a men’s hockey league, and consume books — primarily fiction — at an alarming rate.  

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