AS 224 / SSEA 224 "Traditions of Poetry in India"

Indological Websites
(from a list assembled by Madhav Deshpande and others)

     topic   comments
  Vedic and pre-Vedic history:   Ancient India   general information  
  Indus Valley Civilization   mostly photos
  History   essays on coming of Aryans, Vedas, etc.
  Sarasvati   about the river, not the goddess

     topic   comments
    the Vedas:   Vedic literature   
  Vedic deities   
  Vedic aftermath   Orality vs. Written Text: Medieval Developments in Vedic Ritual Literature

Women in Hindu Society

Communalism and history in India

Sadhus and Swamis, Holy men of India)

Various topics

Hinduism: a good collection of websites relating to Hinduism

on Hinduism

Advaita Vedanta tradition

on Vedic ritual

Ambedkar   (offers a critique of Hinduism from a Dalit point of view)



Brahmo Samaj: a reformist Hindu movement in Bengal

Daily life and Hinduism

Ganesh festival   (in Pune, India)

Worship of Durga

Indian festivals

worship of Ganesh

worship of the Goddess

Meeting God: elements of Hindu devotion

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  Hindu divinities:   general        

     topic   comments
  Philosophers and theologians:   Shankara    biography   

on Tamil Alvar saints

on the festival of Durgapuja in Bengal

general introduction to Hinduism

on Hindu wedding rituals

more on Hindu wedding rituals

introduction to Vaishnavism

introduction to Yoga

      (to be continued)

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Organized and keyed in by Peter Hook 29-30 Aug 2001.