The Dragon's Heart

motorbike motor

Molten turmoil

eye looks, what does it need?

corpuscles of light

flickering tongues of red and yellow fire lick the velvet blackness

My heart beats with the drum of their tails

Red metal against white metal

metal floor plate

lashes in lighthouse sweep

refract in scales of glass

slivers of ice scrape yellow debris

A wall of sound reaches a thunderous crescendo

possessing a magical strength

Outside a white star is whispering

sky with cloud ribs

The pain of knowing

My heart beats an irregular pattern as I struggle to match the rhythms of my life to his

Take out the ashes!

muscular cable, coiled within my heart

cavernous turmoil bubbling under

grows in dragon's blood

bicycle spokes
leaves on ground

I roar the dragon's frustration

tingling with fever

The earth baked

set fire to my emotions as big as league boots

Dragon frames in holly shapes

I wondered what had drawn me into this dark place

water runs endlessly

careers through a roller coaster of veins

striking again and again


And then I saw him!

claws gorge flesh

smell of dragon

rust crusted hinges

bronze coil of venom

a dragon fights

rough roaring life



Words and images created as part of an Arts and Disability Workshop, Department of Adult Continuing Education, University of Wales, Swansea,

by Leila Bebb, Lynne Bebb, Kate D'Lima, Sarah Evans, Petra Kuppers, Monika and Penny Naylor

Swansea Marina and Hendrefoilan House, October 2002

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