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Ystradgynlais Community Contact Group, Wales, October 2002

gras Dragon Stories
waterfall before dragons were known to the walk the land, they swam over the whole globe and queened it over the seas. water, dark reflecting
old iron rust When it was time, they dragged their bloated bellies onto the land, and were met with rejection by all the land species. Into caves they were forced to crawl and they would only emerge at night to eat their vegetarian diet*.
steel coils After feeding they would slumber on the hills or cliffs and gaze at the sacred dawn - their scales drinking in the red rays of the sunrise. Back to their hideouts they would go at the first call of the land species, where they dreamed of being back in the waters with their ancestors. red hair
old wheels at iron works Time came when they could no longer bear the hatred and scorn shown them, and they changed. As they pounded up mountains, their hind legs thickened. Their tail muscles rippled as they swished along - their fin-wings stretched ever bigger and they would grip the cliff tops with their new talons and breathe in the fire of the sunrise, their spines elongating against the sky. And time came when they pushed themselves off the cliffs and took over the skies, consuming everything in their path, spewing out fire. iron bars
The land species were driven away with fear and the dragons were more alone than ever before. berries Much time went by, and their new-found wings withered back to fins, their claws withdrew, their spikes blunted and they spend more of their days and nights curled up.
moss wall

But slowly, slowly, they returned one by one into the sea where the sea creatures embraced them once more.

The raging fires extinguished on their tongues but a warming fire within glowed again and the light of their eyes reflected their joy.

fall leaves
  setting sun on water

The sea dragon holds the secret of its true nature -

in the quiet dark of the deep oceans its scales capture the irridescent colours of the corals.

leaves and twigs *Tall trees and leaves - flowers of different hues. It is the color that attracts them. If all else fails - grass and reeds will do - but only as a last resort! bridge

Created by: Dorothy Evans, Richard Jamesley, Petra Kuppers, Ruth Littler, Julie Mayes, Silvia Rees, Carol Stevens and Pauline Turner

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