A Dancevideo

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The Olimpias

3.30 Minutes, Beta and VHS

(c) 2000

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Screenings include:

Performative Sites, Pennsylvania, USA, 2000

ComArts Festival, Manchester, UK, 2000

Showcased on 7 Jan. 2001 on the Arts Council of England website,

Symposium on Diversity and Disability: Reflections on Women, Culture and Sexuality, Hawaii, USA, 2001

Digital Arts and Culture, Brown University, USA, 2001

Chisenhale Dance Films, London, UK, 2001

PBS Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2 screenings 2001

Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2001

GAGA festival, Berlin, Germany, 2001

London Disability Film Festival, UK, 2001

Ephos Body Arts Festival, Athens, Greece, 2001

Kinofilm International Film Festival, Manchester, UK, 2001