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Arabic Parts or Lots

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How to Read These Formulas

  1. Names of the planets are spelled out.

  2. Asc = Ascendent; MC = Midheaven. Otherwise, house cusps are referred to by a capital letter "H" and the number of the house. This indicates to use the degree on the cusp of that house.

  3. A house ruler is indicated by a capital letter "R" and the number of the relevant house.

  4. In a few formula, other Arabic parts are used. Usually this will be the Part of Spirit or the Part of Fortune, also known as Pars Fortuna, or simply Fortuna.In these formula, the Part of Fortune is referred to as "Fortuna". The Part of Spirit is referred to as "Spirit". Other Arabic Parts or Lots are referred to as "Part of Blank" or "Lot of Blank," depending on the source. Granite feels very strongly that "Part" is an inaccurate term, and that "Lot" should be used, however most of the other contemporary sources seem to use "Part". To avoid confusion, I tend to use "Part."

  5. If you run into a formula which uses an astrological body which is not familiar, check a list of fixed stars to see if one of them bears the same name. NOTE: Depending on your source, different stars may bear the same name. Currently, the only formula which I remember doing this is the Part of Widowhood, using Vindemiatrix, which has been around 9 Libra most of this century.

  6. Formulas here assume a day birth. If the chart says to "Reverse" the formula, this means for a night birth to switch added planet/point and the subtracted planet/point. "Day Birth" means simply with the Sun above the Ascendent/Descendent axis, and "Night Birth" would be with the Sun below the Asc/Desc axis. The most prominent example of this type of reversal in a formula is with the Parts of Fortune and Spirit: Calculate both of these out a few times, and you will notice that they are always opposite each other. Makes it simpler.

    The general rule for reversal is to reverse any formula which uses the Sun or the Moon, since the Sun rules all day births and the Moon rules all night births. Some of the newer fortunes do not use this traditional rule, so test it out for yourself.

    If one source said to reverse and another did not mention it, I place after the word "reverse" a reference to the source which said to reverse. In general, if there is doubt about whether or not to reverse the formula, I would error on the side of reversal, but would also test the sensitive point for both positions. NOTE: I find it personally very confusing when a formula refers to another formula, and they both say to reverse the formula for a night birth. This seems to be double reversing, and I would very much appreciate additional information on interpreting these from anyone who has used them, finds them helpful, and is fairly confident in interpreting them. For others, I recommend calculating the formula both of the potential ways, and checking both of the sensitive points which result.

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