Zera's Room


If you bear no arms, you may enter with a cozy reception (take that as you will).

But, if come with hostility in your heart, you will be left in the cold of antarctica to change into cannibals and slowly freeze to death (nothing personal).

If you are Friend or Foe, the Hunter or the Hunted, Predator or Prey; if you are rejected from normal society for there you aren't normal, you are Welcome here.

In this little sanctuary, your mind will be at peace (if you take pride in the abnormal).

Please remember, this is my domain, and a wounded animal is dangerous, so if you are in need of luck, rub the helmet on the head I keep on my desk.

Swordplay is strictly allowed, and all vulgarity should be left inside this room.

In conclusion,
Rock On.

The Master --


Enter Zera's Room

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