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by Joy Harjo

We get frantic
in our loving.
The distance between
Santa Fe and Albuquerque
shifts and changes.
It is moments;
it is years.
I am next to you
in skin and blood
and then I am not.
I tremble and grasp
at the edges of
myself; I let go
into you.
A crow flies over
towards St. Michaels,
opens itself out
into wind.
And I write it to you
at this moment
never being able to get
the essence

the true breath

in words, because we exist
not in words, but in the motion
set off by them, by
the simple flight of crow
and by us
in our loving.

Harjo, Joy. "Motion." She Had Some Horses. NY: Thunder's Mouth Press, (c)1983, p. 54.

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