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Poem (Twin spheres)

by Frank O'Hara

Twin spheres full of fur and noise
rolling softly up my belly beddening on my chest
and then my mouth is full of suns
that softness seems anterior to that hardness
that mouth that is used to talking too much
speaks at last of the tenderness of Ancient China
and the love of form the Odyssies
each tendril is covered with seed pearls
your hair is like a tree in an ice storm
jetting I commit the immortal spark jetting
you give that form to my life the Ancients loved
those suns are smiling as they move across the sky
and as your chariot I soon become a myth
which heaven is it that we inhabit for so long a time
it must be discovered soon and disappear

O'Hara, Frank. "Poem (Twin spheres)." The Selected Poems of Frank O'Hara. NY: Vintage Books, (c)1974, p. 191.

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