P. F. (Pat) Anderson

HyperCard as a Development Tool: Supporting the Use of Conceptual Frameworks in Bibliographic Instruction

P. F. Anderson.
[Presented as a paper at the MLA Annual Meeting, May 1989.]


The use of conceptual frameworks in bibliographic instruction has been increasing in popularity for years, but has not yet become standard practice. Part of the difficulty in applying the conceptual framework approach to BI has been in graphically and clearly demonstrating the relationships between the information needs and individual search style of the user in applying them to information problem solving. Recent technological advances in the development of hypermedia, specifically HyperCard, make it possible to more forcefully demonstrate these links, and thus to better teach information problem solving skills.

In applying these theories to the health science information environment, we are using HyperCard to create links between a model of medical information structure and the preferred information sources and common information seeking behaviors of those in the medical environment. This program will be tailored with graphics and digitized images to support the occasional patron who needs either a quick answer to a common question or specific instruction towards becoming a self-reliant library user. For example, within the program, maps of the library will contain buttons on which the patron may click for more information about that tool or service. The flexibility of HyperCard permits each user to navigate the program in a variety of directions, from common questions or search strategies, from the location of type of tool, ultimately referring only to those portions of the program which are of immediate relevance. This offers the potential for more personalized and specialized assistance than a videotape or library pathfinder, and can be accessible at times when the librarian is unavailable.

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