Suchandan Pal

I'm a graduate student in mathematics studying number theory/arithmetic geometry at the University of Michigan. My advisior is Kartik Prasanna and I think about questions in arithmetic geometry using rigid analytic methods-specifically ratios of Petersson norms and Tamagawa numbers/special values of L-functions. I wrote a program to calculate regular models of curves over ℤ. It can make use of cluster computing resources, if you have access to them.

One interesting result in this circle of ideas is p-adic uniformization, and it is described in many places. In short, the main result is that covering spaces of certain varieties exist as rigid analytic spaces, and that the canonical map from the universal cover respects the galois action.

For a quick statement of this theorem in the context of Shimura Curves see Theorem 4.7 in "Heegner points, p-adic L-functions and the Cerednik-Drinfeld uniformization" (by M. Bertolini and H. Darmon) available here on their website. The introduction of their paper also contains a neat application.

Contact Information: psuchand -at- umich .dot. edu