Professor, University of Michigan
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ann Arbor, MI

Mechanics of granular media, soil-structure interaction, limit analysis and shakedown, frost action in soils, micromechanics of sand

Yeon Sam Kim
PhD Student
2021 -

Soil arching; Stability of earth structures

Karol Brzezinski
Visiting Assistant Professor
and Dekaban Fellow, 2019-20
Assistant Professor, Warsaw University of Technology

Micromechanics of interaction between silica sand grains; arching in column-supported embankments

Dowon Park
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2019
Assistant Professor, University of Seoul

Experimental testing of silica sand aging; numerical modeling; stability of soil and rock structures

Zhijie Wang
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2016
PostDoctoral Fellow, 2017

Rate effects in sand; micromechanics; numerical modeling

Yao Zhang
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2014

Freeze-thaw cycle in soils; frost heaving; thaw weakening

Srinivasa S. Nadukuru
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2013

Grain surface morphology; rate effects in sand; arching in soils; numerical modeling; damage of buried pipelines caused by ground rupture

Marta Sitek
Dekaban Fellow, 2012-13

Numerical methods in limit analysis

Minyun Hu
Visitor, 2011
Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Hangzhou, P.R. China

Micromechanics of sand

Tabetha Martel
Formerly MS Student
Graduated 2010

3D analysis of slopes subjected to seismic excitation

Curtis Rozelle
Formerly MS Student
Graduated 2009

Rotation-translation mechanisms in landfill collapse

Yuyou Yang
Visiting Scholar, 2009-10
Beijing University of Technology

Stability of shallow tunnels

Pawel Olszewski
Dekaban Fellow, 2008-09
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Heat transfer in soils; energy storage

Anna Sieminska-Lewandowska
Senior Dekaban Fellow, 2008
Professor, Warsaw University of Technology

Underground construction; retaining structures

Ming Zhu
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2006

Modeling of frost heave in frost-susceptible soils; 3D analysis of limit loads on footings

Chardphoom Viratjandr
Formerly PhD Student
Graduated 2006

Limit loads on reinforced soils; fiber reinforcement of coarse-grained soils