Below is a link to a VisCPT log ( .pdf file) from a pilot study performed on Treasure Island in 1999.  It shows (from left to right) the CPT tip resistance (qc), friction ratio (FR), pore water pressure and CPT-based soil classification.   On the far right, soil descriptions based on laboratory sieve and hydrometer testing are shown.   Also shown on the figure is a plot of VisCPT image Energy.   The Energy is unrelated to the traditional mechanical or electrical usages of the term.  In image analysis, it reflects the numerical similarity or closeness of gray scale values of adjacent pixels of an image.  As such, Energy increases as grain size decreases.  Finally, in the Motion column  the elevations at which either piping of fines (P) or mass movement (M) of soil (boiling) was observed by the high magnification camera in the VisCPT.   The results demostrate the advantages of the VisCPT in resolving thin layers in stratified soils.

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