Café Museum


The coffee-houses of Vienna are justly famous. Seated at your favorite table, surrounded by friends and acquaintances, with the great newspapers of the world hanging from nearby racks, you may, for the price of a cup of coffee, while away the hours with good conversation and the world’s learning.

The Café Museum, Dorotheergasse 6 in the city center, was the Lindners’ café of choice. Designed by Adolf Loos, it had a clean and unornamented design, with bentwood chairs by Thonet and marble tables. Until April 1939 it was our home away from home.

While I cannot pour you a nice cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea from a spigot on your monitor, I can offer you links to some of the classes I teach, topics on which I work, and aspects of cultural history that reflect the heritages of Vienna, Austria, imperial capital, and Stockton, California, asparagus capital.


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