Kristin Foringer

"Symbolic Reparations and Collective Memory in Post-Conflict Colombia"


Raul Ionut Galan

"Geopolitical Entanglements, and the Macro-Historical Evolution of Filters of the Subaltern State"


Kimberly Hess

"Foundations of American History: Minority Representation and Portrayals of National Identity in K-12 U.S. State Social Studies Standards"


Jen Triplett

"Shaping Subjectivities and Articulating Solidarity in Revolutionary Cuba"


Simeon Newman (co-chaired with George Steinmetz)

"Mass Clientelism: Urban Growth and the Dialectic of Nation-Building in 20th Century Latin America" (2023)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Max-Weber-Institut für Soziologie, Universität Heidelberg (2023-4)

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto (2024- )


Meagan Elliott (co-chaired with Geneviève Zubrzycki)

"Imagined Boundaries: Discordant Narratives of Place and Displacement in Contemporary Detroit" (2018)

Deputy CFO- Development & Grants, City of Detroit