My secret Places

I want to play in the snow
I want to see Pooh
I want to go on a boat
I want to see the Statue of Liberty
I want to see the pyramids

Shelly Volk
September 1998


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Dear Friends

This website is a tribute to our precious daughter Shelly Volk. Although she is not physically with us anymore, she is forever in our hearts. We remember her every single moment of our lives. Her spirit guides us everywhere we go, in every choice we make.

She was vivacious, spirited, fiesty, and sometimes silly. She was sweet and sensitive to others. She loved to draw, paint and play piano, as well as clown around and dance in costumes. She was very bright and very artistic.

Here in cyberspace, I will try to create a place where Shelly can express herself, like she did so well during her short lifetime. I hope the contents of these pages will reflect her unique personality, her special outlook on life and the way she touched the people around her.

Always In Our Hearts A memorial list of children who died from a diffused pontine glioma.
Links to information on brain tumors and cancer.
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This website is a work in process. Please check back periodically, to see more memories, photos and art. If you would like to be notified of additions to this site, please enter your e-mail address in the text-box below.

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