About Me

I am a graduate student at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan. I did my undergraduate at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. My advisor is Mattias Jonsson.


I am broadly intereseted in algebraic geometry. More specifically, I am interested in non-Archimedean geometry and its interactions with complex geometry.

Publications and Preprints

  • (joint with Mattias Jonsson and Nicholas McCleerey) Geodesic Rays in the Donaldson–Uhlenbeck–Yau Theorem arXiv:2210.09246
  • (joint with Haoyang Guo, Dylan Spence and Yueqiao Wu) Boundedness of semistable sheaves - Chapter 4 of Stacks Project Expository Collection Published by the Cambridge University Press
  • Convergence of Narasimhan-Simha measures on degenerating families of Riemann surfaces - To be published in the Asian Journal of Mathematics, arXiv:2011.14471
  • Convergence of Bergman measures towards the Zhang measure - arXiv:2005.05753
  • Convergence of volume forms on a family of log-Calabi-Yau varieties to a non-Archimedean measure - Published in Mathematische Zeitschrift