Ann Evans Larimore:  Professor Emerita, Residential College
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus:   Adjunct Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Robert Haug:  Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Near Eastern Studies

All of The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Pilot Studies and Overall Web Architecture

Arlinghaus's Suleyman GEOMAT displays complexity of military conquests. 
Larimore's Nobel Peace Prizes GEOMAT shows the geographic expansion of Nobel awards.
Haug's GEOMAT of Abassid and Tulunid conflict maps many kinds of data in calendrical time.
Larimore's GEOMAT of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty makes important primary documents accessible by integrating them with maps. 
Arlinghaus, Larimore, and Haug's GEOMAT of Lewis and Clark's expedition brings segments of the epic journey to life.
Articulation of individual web pages by maps and timelines within a single shell is important in creating a unified methodology.