LCR 616 from M109 to Cedar


LCR 616 is one of the longest roads in Leelanau county; it actually goes from M109 all the way to M72 just west of Traverse City. From M109 you roll by little and big Glen Lakes and then on to ascend Burdickville hill a true monster climb that has great bike lanes. If you climb it west to east it is longer and easier to ‘spin’ up at a good pace but if you climb the other side (east to west) it is shorter and much steeper. The descend either way is a blast. From Burdickville you travel passed a couple of beautiful farms to Maple City. Between Maple City and Cedar there is an awesome climb and descent with new bike lanes. After descending you traverse through the Cedar swamp which is one of the flattest areas in the county and most colorful too.