M22 from Leland to Glen Arbor

Riding from Leland to Glen Arbor is an easy rolling fairly flat ride. It is also a beautiful one which takes you past the Lake Leelanau, a number of farm markets and stores (for snacking of course) and a ton of incredible scenic areas inside the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. If you are heading from Leland to Glen Arbor pay particular attention to the barns that you will see once you ride LCR 667. From here to Glen Arbor you will pass some of the countyís "best"(in my opinion) barns; and the great thing is some of them are on National Park land and you can take a closer look at them if you so desire. You canít go inside them however. See the yellow and red circled dots on the map of this area to locate these barns. Later on your way to Glen Arbor the Crystal River will reveal its charm to you. Stop and go canoeing if you like; rentals are available.

A barn just west of Port Oneida road on M-22   Below; picture taken from the northwest side