created by Jocelyn LaFace,
in NRE600/043 (S. Arlinghaus)
Summer, 1999

Basic Background Information
General Information History  Site Issues 
Planning Department:   1, 2, and Construction

Analysis of research questions generated by examining Planning Department documents and by discussing the issue with Planning Commissioners Arlinghaus and Carlberg.  To understand the process that leads to approval of site plans, I attended a Planning Commission meeting, July 20, 1999 at which I was introduced to the entire commission.
Information about Fazoli's 
  • Flow of run-off water from the Fazoli site.into the Allen Creek.  The parcel may be a part of the headwaters system of the creek.
  • The site does not have the same requirements concerning drainage as would a virgin site. 
  • What would be the minimum and maximum requirements would be if this were a new site.
  • Does the nature of the business truly create the need for such a large number of parking spaces. 
  • Consider the number of parking spots to patrons ratio (sit down not drive-through)
  • rush hour:  timing and number of patrons
  • demographics
  • seasonality
  • What are their corporate recycling polices and can they fit with local needs?
  • Do they have the parking lots clean as a normal practice?
  • Do they use local businesses as suppliers?

  • What about smell pollution policies (county health department--Dick Fleece)?