Twinkle Twinkle

    We are attempting to create a page which helps make astronomy accessible to non-astronomers, specifically secondary students.  We are going to focus on constellations over North America; how to find them in the sky and their rotation throughout the year.


Let's Explore Our Universe!!!


This site is to be used in conjunction with our units on Astronomy and Space.
We are concentrating here on our galaxy, the Milky Way, as viewed from the earth.
 How can we study something so big it includes everything including us?  How do we start thinking about the universe?  Perhaps the best way is to grab a quick impression as we zoom through the cosmos.  We generally tend to think about the appearance of the sky from the Earth and that is where we will start--looking at the sky from the Earth.

Topics of Discussion:

The Solar System
    Other Sites of Interest

Take A Look At The Stars

    What are they?
    Constellations:  Fact and Myth

    Mapping the Stars


Various Maps:

star charts for North America region

25 Brightest Stars (according to view from Earth)

Celestial Sphere:  outside looking in

A Different Spin