Backpacking Michigan's National Forests

Below you will find information that I have compiled relating to the National Forests of Michigan.

Being a novice backpacker, I was interested in wilderness areas in Michigan where I could hone my craft before taking long trips far away from home. I have brought together some of the things that I have found useful when researching my trips.

The map below will give you information on wilderness areas for that region of the state just by clicking on that area. Please see below the map for pertinent links to backpacking.

State of Michigan Population Density

Topographically, Michigan is an excellent choice to become acclimated to hiking in various conditions. Here you can get a taste of hiking northern hardwood stands. Test your endurance on the hills and mountains of the upper peninsula with out actually tackling a mountain. The lower peninsula offers fairly flat to rolling terrain perfect for those who wish to laze in an open field of grass.

Backpacking Links

Below are a few of the resources I have found usefull when researching trips of my own.

Mi trails and Maps




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