Urban Planning 402/696

Maps and Decisions
Fall, 2001
Sandra L. Arlinghaus

Final Student Projects
Alejandra Salinas
Movement of Pi Throughout History
Katie Seed
Ancestry from Poland
BoB Sanders
Voting Patterns over Time
Gianna Barberi
France and the Influence of Francophony
Laura Lutz
Kelly Schopp
Michigan School Districts Making the Grade
Elmer Rivera
Peace and Dignity Journeys
Mindy Miller
Aral Sea Project
Sabrina Corte
Digital Elevation Map of Michigan with Rivers and Toxic Waste Sites
Erin Hodge
Service Learning Project
Meghan Phillips
86th District Court
Angie Van Erp
Science and Society
Katie Horton
Family Genealogy
Milo Tilton
Digital Flood Map
Jenny Bores
The Original Americans:  Native Americans
Robert DeMerell
Michigan School Districts