643 Three-year Clinical Performance of Low-shrinkage Resin Composite Restorations

Friday, March 23, 2012: 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Presentation Type: Oral Session
F.T. BURKE, Dental School, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom, and R. CRISP, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Objectives: To evaluate the clinical performance, at three years, of load-bearing restorations formed in Filtek SiloraneTM resin composite (3M ESPE, Seefeld, Germany), in patients attending five UK dental practices.

Methods:  Five members of the PREP Panel - a practice-based research group of general dental practitioners in the UK and Ireland, participated.  Ethical approval was obtained. Each practitioner placed 25 class I or II restorations formed in Filtek SiloraneTM (3M ESPE, Seefeld, Germany) resin composite, where indicated on posterior teeth. The restorations were reviewed by one independent examiner along with the practitioner who placed the restorations at three years +/- 3 months, using modified USPHS criteria.

Results:  98 restorations (83% recall), of mean age 37.5 months in 60 patients were examined. Of the 98 restorations, 30 were Class I and 68 were Class II, with 22 restorations involving the replacement of one or more cusps. All restorations were present, with 79% rated optimal for marginal integrity and one rated unacceptable.  51% of the restorations were rated optimal for marginal discolouration. In cases where the marginal discolouration was not optimal, an estimate was made of the % of the length of the margin which was discoloured: this was a mean of 12%. 100% of the restorations were rated optimal for color match. Surface staining was noted in 3 restorations. 92% of the restorations were rated optimal for surface quality and 95% were rated optimal for anatomic form.

Conclusions: The results of this study indicate that Class I and Class II restorations of Filtek Silorane, placed in patients attending five UK general dental practices, are performing satisfactorily after 3 years.

Acknowledgment: Thanks are due to the participating practitioners and their patients, and to 3M ESPE for financial support.

Disclosure: Dr Burke is a member of 3M ESPE's Scientific Advisory Board but has no financial interest in the company.

Keywords: Composites, Dental materials and practice-based
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