1147 6-month Multi-clinic Treatment of Periodontal Disease Using Topical Oxidizing Agents

Friday, March 23, 2012: 3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Presentation Type: Poster Session
C.M. MITCHELL1, D. KELLER2, L. WEAKS1, and B.J. SINDELAR1, 1Division of Physical Therapy, Ohio University, Athens, OH, 2Perio Protect LLC, Saint Louis, MO
Objectives: Determine whether use of PerioProtect Method ® (PPM) in combination with  scaling and root-planing (SRP) over  6-months would result in improvements in outcome measures in patients with periodontal disease (PD).

Methods:44 patients with mild to severe PD were treated by 4 dentists in separate clinics specially trained in PerioProtect system. Subject distribution was: Dentist-1, 11 patients (7 male; ages 52±13); Dentist-2, 15 patients (3 male; ages 57±15); Dentist-3, 15 patients (4 male; ages 55±14); Dentist-4, 3 patients (1 male; ages 49±20).  All patients underwent baseline evaluation for PPD per tooth (6 sites per tooth) and BoP (dichotomous per site). Prior to treatment all patients received instruction on supra-gingival care and the use of PPM. Each Dentist administered a specific combination of PPM and SRP treatment: Group A (7 male; 9 female; age 53±13) received whole mouth SRP prior to use of PPM and Group B (7 male; 21 female; age 55±14) received PPM first followed by site-specific SRP. Changes in PPD and BoP for all patients were reassessed after a 6 month period. 

Results: Baseline averages indicated no significant difference in PPD between Groups A and B (p>0.232); however there was significantly more BoP in patients in Group A at baseline than Group B (p=0.003).  At 6 months, PPD values for 0-5mm pockets for all patients significantly improved from baseline (p<0.001) and differences between Dentists were not significant (p>0.360). At 6 months all patients had significantly decreased BoP (p<0.01) with no significant differences noted between Dentists (p>0.556) or between treatment Groups (p>0.361). 

Conclusions: An appropriately trained general Dentist can effectively administer PPM.  PPM is effective for improving PPDs and BoP within 6 months in mild to moderate cases of periodontal disease regardless of whether full mouth SRP is followed by PPM or PPM is followed by site-specific SRP.

Keywords: Antimicrobials, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease and Treatment