806 Correlation of Composite Clinical Wear and In-Vitro Wear

Friday, March 23, 2012: 2 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.
Presentation Type: Poster Session
A. KOBASHIGAWA, Kerr Corporation, Orange, CA
Objective:  Clinical wear and Leinfelder in-vitro wear data on Belleglass HP, Herculite XRV and Herculite XRV Enamel were previously reported  (ranked: Herculite XRV > Herculite XRV Enamel > Bellglass). In this study, we compare these data with in-vitro data from the Kerr Wear Test.

Method:  The clinical and Leinfelder Wear Test data were previously reported  (IADR Abst.# 0175, March 2006).  The Kerr Wear Test was also previously reported (IADR Abst. # 0424, March 2007).  Wear from the Kerr Wear Test was  measured (three samples of each material) and the means and s.d. reported.  The clinical wear data were plotted vs. in-vitro wear in an Excel plot and the correlation coefficients calculated.

Result:  The clinical and in-vitro wear data are presented in the attached table.  When the clinical wear data were plotted against the Leinfelder Wear test data, a linear relationship was found with correlation coefficient R2 = 0.91.  When the clinical wear data were plotted against the Kerr Wear Test data, a linear relationship was also found with correlation coefficient, R2 = 0.94.


A good correlation of clinical wear was found to both the Leinfelder and Kerr In-Vitro Wear Tests (supported by Kerr Corp.). 



XRV Enamel

Belleglass HP

Clinical Wear, Microns/Yr. (s.d.)

13.0 (5.5)

10.6 (5.1)

3.0 (5.4)

Leinflelder Wear, Microns/Cyc. X10-6(s.d.)

13.3 (2.8)

11.1 (2.9)

2.1 (0.8)

Kerr Wear Test




     Lot Number




     Wear, cc/cycle X 10-9 (s.d.)

4.4 (0.8)

2.9 (0.8)

1.0 (0.6)


Keywords: Clinical trials, Enamel, Leinfelder, Surfaces and Wear
Presenting author's disclosure statement: I am an employee of Kerr Corporation.