743 Comparative Antiplaque Efficacy of SnF2/Hexametaphosphate and Triclosan Dentifrices

Friday, March 23, 2012: 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Presentation Type: Oral Session
M.A. KLUKOWSKA1, M.L. BARKER2, D.J. WHITE1, and A.A. BAIG1, 1Procter & Gamble Company, Mason, OH, 2Oral Care Clinical Research, Procter & Gamble Company, Mason, OH

Objectives:   In this study the effectiveness of two silica based stannous fluoride hexametaphosphate dentifrices was compared to a silica based triclosan/gantrez dentifrice for the prevention of dental plaque.   Methods:   This study followed a randomized double blind 4-treatment, 4-period cross-over design. Twenty eight subjects were provided a standard manual brush and control dentifrice (non-antibacterial DCPD abrasive fluoridated dentifrice - CTR) for ad lib acclimation for 4-7 days.  Following this, subjects brushed bid with assigned treatment dentifrices or control dentifrice for a period of two weeks.  During the second week of each treatment period, subjects had plaque evaluated prior to morning brushing on three separate days using standardized UV imaging techniques as described previously (White et al. J Clin Dent 17:22-26(2006)).  Between assigned treatment periods subjects brushed ad lib for a week with CTR dentifrice for wash out. Test dentifrices included:  0.3% triclosan/2% Gantrez/0.243% NaF/silica abrasive (Colgate Total, USA formulation CT); 0.454% SnF2/hexametaphosphate commercial dentifrice (Crest Clinical Gum Protection, USA formulation, CCGP);  0.454 % SnF2/hexametaphosphate experimental dentifrices (EXPT) and 0.760% NaMFP DCPD abrasive dentifrice (CTR).  Treatment comparisons used general linear mixed modeling with treatment and period as fixed and subject as random.  Results:   CCGP and EXPT with means of 14.18 and 13.21, respectively, each demonstrated significantly (p<0.002) lower plaque area % versus both CT and CTR with means of 17.4 and 16.8, respectively.  No other treatment comparisons were statistically significant (p>0.21).  Conclusions:    0.454 % SnF2/hexametaphosphate dentifrices significantly reduced plaque formation by 15-24% compared to both non antibacterial control fluoridated dentifrice and dentifrice containing triclosan with Gantrez copolymer.

Keywords: Clinical trials, Dentifrices, Digital image analysis, Oral hygiene and Plaque
Presenting author's disclosure statement: I am an employee of The Procter & Gamble Company
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