182 Cariology: Caries Detection and Risk Assessment

Saturday, March 24, 2012: 9:45 a.m.-11 a.m.
Session Type: Poster Session
1.25 CE hours

Learning Objectives:
To learn on findings to improve the use of caries diagnosis methods and risk assessment.
Towards an Automated Caries Detection System Using Intra-Oral Photographs
L. GHAEDI1, R. GOTTLIEB2, and K. NAJARIAN1, 1Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU/MCV, Richmond, VA, 2General Practice, Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU/MCV, Richmond, VA
Laser fluorescence measurements of residual dentin in excavated cavities
A. BRAUN1, M. BERTHOLD1, R. FRANKENBERGER1, and F. KRAUSE2, 1University of Marburg, Marburg, Germany, 2University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Correlation Between Dental Restoration Materials and Lesions with Secondary Caries
I. WILLERSHAUSEN, A. ROSS, B. BRISENO MARROQUIN, and B. WILLERSHAUSEN, Operative Dentistry, University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany
Validation of a Risk Assessment Form
A. ALAVANJA, Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, A. FERREIRA ZANDONA, Dept. of Preventative & Commun. Dent, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, and G.J. ECKERT, School of Dentistry, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Clinical Salivary pH Vs. Laboratory Buffering Capacity: A Comparison
A. SWARN1, R.S. EIDSON1, T. DONOVAN1, R.R. ARNOLD2, E.V. SIMMONS2, and A.V. RITTER1, 1Operative Dentistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 2Diagnostic Sci & Gen Dentistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
IgA Antibodies to SBR of Streptococcus mutans in Young Children
M.A. SALAM1, H. OUEIS2, C.A. ZEITZ3, M. GLEASON1, and M. O'REGAN1, 1Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI, 2Developmental Dentistry, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI, 3Pediatric Dentistry, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI
Knowledge Of German Pediatricians About Early Childhood Caries
R. SCHILKE, F.B. FELGENHAUER, and W. GEURTSEN, Medical University of Hannover, Hannover, Germany