144 Behavioral, Epidemiologic, and Health Services Research V

Friday, March 23, 2012: 3:30 p.m.-4:45 p.m.
Session Type: Poster Session
1.25 CE hours

Learning Objectives:
To promote awareness of oral health research in a wide variety of settings
Caregivers perception and knowledge of Oral Health for Special Needs
F. SALAMA, King Saud University, College of Dentistry, Omaha, NE, C. UCHIDA, Pediatric Dental Clinic, Honolulu, HI, B. ROEBER, Pediatric Dental Clinic, Kansas, MO, and A. KEBRIAEI, Pediatric Dental Clinic, Omaha, NE
What Do People Tweet About: Odontalgia, Backaches, Earaches, and Headaches
K. AHLWARDT1, J. GIBBS2, J. PAGE3, N. HEAVILIN1, J. TSOH4, and B. GERBERT1, 1Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences, University of California - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 2Department of Endodontics, New York University, New York, NY, 3Datajockey.org, New York, NY, 4Department of Psychiatry, University of California - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Differences Between Volunteer and Non-Volunteer Dentists in Northeastern Indiana
T. KIMMEL, K.M. YODER, and G.J. ECKERT, School of Dentistry, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Attitudes of Illinois’ Pediatric Dentists toward Parental Presence in  Operatory
J. CABALLERO, S. FADAVI, A. KOERBER, and R. VERGOTINE, Pediatric Dentistry, University of Illinois - Chicago, Chicago, IL
Association of TMJ, Knee Pain and Quality-of-Life (QoL): Osteoarthritis-Initiative Study
A. CHATTOPADHYAY, Office of Science Policy and Analysis, NIH/NIDCR, Bethesda, MD, A. ADAMS, NIDCR/NIH, Bethesda, MD, and I. GARCIA, NIH/NIDCR, Bethesda, MD
Dental wear in primary and permanent teeth, in Brazilian children
A. SALES-PERES1, A. DE CARVALHO SALES-PERES2, J.A. MARSICANO3, P.G. MOURA-GREC2, M.A. MAPENGO2, and S.H.D.C. SALES-PERES4, 1University of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil, 2Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Public Health, University of São Paulo, Bauru, Brazil, 3University of São Paulo/ Faculty of Dentistry of Bauru, Bauru, Brazil, 4Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru - FOB/USP, Bauru - SP, Brazil
Edentulism and nutritional status of institutionalized elderly in Bauru, Brazil
J.R.D.M. BASTOS, F.S.D. CARVALHO, A. XAVIER, H.J. MENDES, S.H.D.C. SALES-PERES, R.D.S. BASTOS, and M.D.L. CALDANA, Faculdade de Odontologia de Bauru - FOB/USP, Bauru - SP, Brazil
Longitudinal Changes in Dental Esthetic Perceptions of Adolescents and Parents
G. KAVAND, B. BROFFITT, S.M. LEVY, and J.J. WARREN, Preventive and Community Dentistry, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Survey of Retention Practices used by Northwest PRECEDENT Orthodontists
R.T. CAPOTE1, G. KING1, H. PASHOVA2, and N. W. PRECEDENT3, 1Dept. Orthodontics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2Dept. Biostatistics, University of Washington, Seattte, WA, 3Northwest PRECEDENT, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Dental Therapy and Improved Glycemic Control in an Urban Free-Clinic
R. LUGO, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, R. SENTHAMARAI KANNAN, Department of Cariology, Restorative sciences & Endodontics, University of Michigan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, D. KRITZ-SILVERSTEIN, Family and Preventive Medicine, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, and G.W. TAYLOR, School of Dentistry, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Periodontal disease and diabetes in institutionalized elderly, Bauru, Brazil
A.M. FIGUEIREDO, A. XAVIER, F.S. CARVALHO, H.J. MENDES, R.S. BASTOS, M.L. CALDANA, and J.R.M. BASTOS, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Community Health, University of São Paulo, Bauru Dental School, Bauru, Brazil
Impact of Oral Health Education on Study Participants and Families
L. ARCHILA1, G. TEREZHALMY1, A. BIESBROCK2, T. HE2, and M.L. BARKER2, 1Dental Diagnostic Science, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, 2Oral Care Clinical Research, Procter & Gamble Company, Mason, OH
Identifying oral health needs of young children with special needs
C.E. HUEBNER1, A.F. REEVES2, K.A. LY3, S.E. YAMAMOTO3, and P. MILGROM3, 1University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2Department of Pediatric Dentistry, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 3Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Effect of Music on Patient Experience during Root Canal Treatment
J.F. WISNIEWSKI1, F.O. MURPHY III1, K.M. WISNIEWSKI2, and A.A. BARTOLUCCI3, 1Pediatric Dentistry, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, 2Psychology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 3Biostatistics, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL