In Memoriam
UM Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Reserch Honor Society

Occasionally the Chapter is informed of the death of an active member. We
hope to memorialize these members because of their exemplary service to
the Chapter and to the society through their active membership and through
their participation in the activities of the Chapter.



[December 27, 2022] Elizabeth Duell (Elected by the University of Michigan Chapter in 1988]

Obituary in progress. Dr. Duell was an important member of the University of
Michigan Chapter from 1989 until her retirement in 2016. She joined the
Councel in 1989, became Treasurer in 1990, then Vice-President in 1991 and 1992,
then President in 1993, then Co-Secretary from 1998 to 2000 and
again 2004-2006 and finally 2009-2012. She joined the Chapter Judges
for the Science Fairs frequently and frequently provided funding for
one of the prizes.
Interview by Bentley Library celebrating her role in the Woman's Academic Caucus of the University
of Michigan.


[November 22, 2022] James Ward Brown [Elected by the University of Michigan Chapter in 1961]


Dr. Brown was an active member of the University of Michigan Chapter thoughout his life.
You will see in his obituary that he graduated from Harvard University and received his
Master's degree from the University of Michigan in 1958. He obtained his doctorate
from the University in 1964 so he was honored with membership as a graduate student.
He had a long tenure as Professor of Mathematics at UM-Dearborn, including a period
as Department Chair.


[November 20, 2022] A. Oveta Fuller (Elected by the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Chapter in 1983]

Department of Microbiology and Immunology Web Page

Lecture to Saturday Morning Physics about pandemics and Covid-19 [March 20, 2021]

Tribute on WDIV


[September 14, 2022] Robert (Bob) Zand, Ph.D. (Elected by the Harvard University Chapter in 1962.

UM Biography


Bob was a very active member of the University of Michigan Chapter since
arriving here in 1963. He joined the Council in 1977 and became Vice
President in 1978. He was Secretary of the Chapter in 1982 and 1989-1991,
then he was again a Council member from 1984 to 1986 and on and off for
the next 20 years. He was President of the Chapter in 1996 and from
2003-2005. His last service on the Council was in 2012, at which point he
retired and moved to Rochester to be with family members who lived there.


William (Dick) Richard Dunham (6/15/1943-7/18/2022)

Dick was elected to membership in Sigma Xi in 1990 by the University of Michigan Chapter. His wife has written a moving eulogy


William (Bill) Darrel Ensminger, M.D. (Elected by the Rockefeller University Chapter in 1965).
04/03/1942 - 03/11/2022
Ann Arbor

Dr. Ensminger was a loyal member of Sigma Xi for over 50 years. After
receiving his B.S. degree from the University of Michigan, he went to
Rockefeller University to earn a Ph.D. in virology, then an M.D. from
Harvard University. His connection to the University of Michigan Chapter
of Sigma Xi includes serving the Chapter as council member from
2005-2009 (President from 2007-2009). It was during his period as
President that the Chapter was successful in receiving official
recognition as a 501(c)3 charitable organization.



Rane Curl, Ph.D. (Elected by the MIT Chapter in 1951).
Ann Arbor

Dr. Curl was a very loyal member for almost 70 years. He is survived by
his wife, Dr. Alice Curl, who is also a scientist and an active member
of the Society.

Dr. Curl was about to celebrate his 90th birthday when he passed away. After
receiving both his Bachelor's and Doctoral degrees at MIT, Dr. Curl was
employed by Shell Development Corporation and the Technische
Hogeschool Eindhoven (Netherlands). He was appointed to the position of
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan
in 1964 and was promoted to full professor five years later. He retired
in 1997 as Professor Emeritus.



Charles (Tad) Smith, Ph.D. (Elected by the Harvard University Chapter in 1962).
12/23/1936 - 8/25/2016
Ann Arbor

Dr. Smith was very inflential in the organization of the Chapter in the
1980s and early 1990s (along with his wife, Peggie Hollingsworth) and
was on the Chapter Council in the late 1980s.


Ellen Shirley Schwartz, Ph.D. (Elected by the Wayne State Chapter in 1968).
Ann Arbor

She was a member of Mensa, American Chemical Society, an officer in the
Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, a 'Fellow' in the Society
of Automotive Engineers, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Michigan Women's Hall of
fame, the National Academy of Engineering, Wayne State U. Distinguished
Alumni Award, Engineering Society of Detroit Gold Award, Society of Women
Engineers Achievement Award, several awards for writing, a Navigator in the
United States Power Squadrons (a boating education organization). She was
the secretary of the Warren Human Rights Council during the civil rights
movement of the 1960s.



Stanley Berent, Ph.D. (Elected by the University of Virginia Chapter in 1976)
3/10/1941 - 8/25/2015
Ann Arbor

Dr. Berent was a faculty member in the Psychiatry and Neurology
Departments from around 1978 to his retirement around 2008. He was
Emeritus Professor from then on. He was a loyal member of Sigma Xi and
served on the Council and served as President from 2012-2013.


Bruce Graves, Ph.D. (Life Member - Elected in 1964 by the Louisville Chapter)
12/7/1928 - 6/26/2015
Ypsilanti, MI

Bruce died of complications from vascular surgery. Bruce had many
interests. He had careers teaching and doing research in
electro-chemistry, after years as a scientific glassblower at Purdue. He
was active in the peace movement, particularly focusing on establishing
the possibility of conscientious objection to taxes for war. The latter
effort resulted in a case that reached the Supreme Court. He was an active
outdoorsman and environmentalist. Bruce is survived by wife Ruth; son
Keith with his wife Michelle and their sons Chris and Josh; daughter Lynn
and her husband Bob Morgan; and daughter-in-law Randi and her son Connor.
Jeff predeceased his father.



Eugene Glysson, Ph.D. (Elected by UM Chapter in 1964)
1926 - 4/2/2014
Ann Arbor

Dr. Glysson joined the faculty at the University of Michigan in 1951.
During his career, he taught, directed summer surveying camps in Wyoming,
performed research on solid waste disposal and management, municipal
engineering, and water, wastes, and solid wastes engineering, served as
faculty advisor to UM's chapter of Chi Epsilon, and consulted for NSF,
WHO, and EPA. Named professor emeritus of the department of civil and
environmental engineering in 1995, he has more recently served on the
council of UM's chapter of Sigma Xi while continuing to maintain strong
support for UM's basketball team.

For a full obituary click HERE


Stanley Seashore (1999)

Obituary < href="" target="top">Uncle Carl Seashore [Creator of the Seashore Musical Abilities Test]