Deadline for Nominations for Membership usually in early April each year

The usual recruitment season is from December to April, but we can accept nominations outside that period for individuals
who wish to complete the process at other times of the year. Initiation of new members is usually in May
of each year. (virtual because of the pandemic until further notice).

  • The Committee on Membership of the University of Michigan Chapter of Sigma Xi requests that its current members assist in soliciting nominations for Full and Associate Membership. You also might know of Associate members who now are eligible for promotion to Full Member status. Furthermore, there might be members of other Sigma Xi chapters who would wish to transfer their membership to the University of Michigan Chapter. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for Associate membership.

  • Sigma Xi is an honor society and therefore the standards for admission are designed to be selective. Generally, Full membership is reserved for those individuals who currently hold a doctorate and/or who are recognized for their achievements as creative and original investigators. It is more appropriate to nominate for Associate membership those individuals who have demonstrated high potential for original and creative research.

  • The Committee on Membership relies heavily upon the nominators to make these distinctions and to nominate individuals for either Full or Associate membership based upon their assessment of the nominee's stage of professional development. Associate members may become eligible for promotion to full membership as their scientific achievements merit.

  • Nomination or Promotion Process:

    The current process for nominating and electing new members is as follows: A member nominates an individual and sends the UM Council a copy of the person's CV and supporting documentation as needed. The Committee on Nominations will evaluate the nomination and will determine whether the person is appropriate for Associate (shows promise) or Full (has demonstrated independent research). Names are sent to National and the individual will be contacted by email for demographic information. When the individual has completed the nomination process, the Chapter is notified and will receive the membership certificates for signature.

  • Become an Active Member! Once a member of Sigma Xi, always a member of Sigma Xi. However, there are active and inactive members, depending on whether the person has paid the annual dues. Those of you who have not paid your membership dues in recent years are encouraged to reactivate your membership. Click HERE for information about renewing your membership (if you need help finding your membership number, contact Dr. Buchtel at Your dues help to support the activities of your Society and your Chapter. The following are some of the benefits of active membership in Sigma Xi:

  • All active members are entitled to receive the American Scientist.
  • If you are an active member, you can nominate your colleagues and your students for the honor of membership.
  • As an active member, you know you are supporting integrity and ethical standards in science.
  • You have access to a global network of scientists and engineers.
  • Funding is available for research (and Chapter activities). Many scientists have received their first research funding as students through the GIAR (Grants in Aid of Research).
  • Members have member rates for Sigma Xi events and student research competitions.
  • Members receive discounts on selected science publications and travel.