Monday, July 30, 2007

In Loving Memory

Today we lost the lives of two influential teachers, Rabbi Carole Meyers and Coach Bill Walsh.

Rabbi Meyers lead my childhood congregation at Temple Sinai in Glendale, CA between 1986 and 2001. She died of bone cancer at the age of 50, ten weeks after doctors discovered a rapidly growing tumor in her back. I will always remember when Rabbi Meyers would invite all the children of the congregation to sit at the front stage steps while she entertained us with stories from the Old Testament. I will remember her for being a very patient listener and excellent communicator who connected to people of all ages and viewpoints. My father informed me that she was instrumental to helping my mother and aunt cope with the losses of their parents. Honestly, I never liked synagogue and was never very religious, but I could listen to Rabbi Meyers forever. In her obituary I learned that she was the first female rabbi in the Los Angeles area. Nice! I wish the best for her family and want them to know how she truly made a positive impact during the time she was here.

Bill Walsh, former coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Stanfurd Cardinal, and Cal Football defensive assistant under Marv Levy lost his bout with leukemia today. Bill Walsh is credited with inventing the so-called West Coast Offense, which he used to guide the 49ers from a gutter team into a premier NFL franchise while winning three Super Bowls in six years. Although he is a huge symbol in Stanford football history, I can't ignore his significance to the Bay Area. Moreover, a ridiculously large number of coaches trace their lineage back to Walsh on his coaching "tree".

In other, infinitely scarier news, my grandma broke her arm while walking to the bathroom last night. Thank goodness she's okay and won't require any surgery. However, she'll be in even more pain than usual for the next couple months. We always joke that our dog Teddy's bones are practically dust, but that phrase may apply better for Grandma Moura. She's too proud to ask for help, but at her age broken arms don't heal quickly. I hope she gets through this okay and feels better soon.


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