Friday, August 24, 2007

Backup Cal QB

Last night Jeff Tedford announced that's our backup quarterback going into this season will be Kevin Riley, winning a narrow race over Kyle Reed. In fact, it was so close that Tedford nearly suggested he flipped a coin to make his decision:
Kevin Riley "is going to take the No. 2 reps, and (Kyle Reed) will take the No. 3 reps," Tedford said. "There really isn't a huge gap there whatsoever. It's just a matter of not being able to practice them all."
Check out references from and the Contra Costa Times. I had several immediately reactions.

First, I'm somewhat disappointed Kyle wasn't given the job. The SF Chronicle recently wrote up a real nice article about how he has stayed focused on learning the offense and ignoring detractors who say he should transfer. Also, a couple years back a large black man in the elevator of MLK asked me "Do you go to school here? My son's the quarterback!" At the time Aaron Rodgers was QB, but a quick mental calculation told me he must be Kyle's Dad. He seemed so proud and clearly wanted to tell everyone he saw. Secondly, how sweet is it that this discussion does not concern our first-string quarterback?

Anyways, I sure hope Kyle gets some snaps this season, if at least to gain experience for the future.

ME Website Lovin'

The Mechanical Engineering website has given me some love by posting my IUTAM Symposium website as the first link under the News.