Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cal Alumni Association of Michigan

Last Fall Jovauna and I often got together with other Cal alums at UM to watch football games. It was so much fun that we decided to make ourselves official: Introducing the Cal Alumni Association of Michigan! We are now an official regional chapter of the Cal Alumni Association (CAA). Check out our website here. We plan to host picnics, seminars, and many more viewing parties.

Besides organizing glorified viewing parties, this group has introduced the opportunity to meet other Berkeley alumni in Michigan. Some of you back on the left coast are probably saying "big whoop," but consider this influential list of alumni: Jennifer Granholm (Michigan's governor), Bob Lutz (General Motors Vice Chairman), Larry Burns (General Motors Vice President of R&D), and Ron English (former Michigan football defensive coordinator) to name a few. It also begins what I hope to be a very involved membership with CAA.

P.S. Larry Burns is NOT Mr. Burns' deadbeat son. Sorry, bud.


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