Monday, July 9, 2007

THA1 for Heisman

It's Official! Desean Jackson (aka THA1) has thrown his hat into the Heisman trophy competition. The Berkeley publicity machine has put together an impressive website to advertise our superstar.

After watching the highlight videos, I'm absolutely stoked for Cal Football 2007 and watching THA1 take it to the house! However, I seriously doubt THA1 will have as much success on punt returns this year. Unless you're mentally retarded or outrageously daring, why would you punt to him? Tedford will most likely be content with allowing the other team to punt out of bounds and take the field position. However, how sweet would it be if they put THA1 AND Jahvid Best both back on punt returns, Ginn Jr and Holmes/Gonzalez style? That would force the ball into the hands of either one of two sub 4.3 guys. Money in the bank baby!

Speaking of money, there should be NO DOUBT in the minds of Cal football fans that THA1 bolts to the big leagues after this year. There is NO wideout more explosive, and that includes Super Mario here in Ann Arbor. Furthermore, watch the one-on-one videos on THA1's Heisman site and the writing on the wall becomes clear.

Despite THA1's big play potential, he MUST have a good game against Tennessee on Sept 1. Recall that Marshawn's Heisman pub dwindled after posting a modest performance against the Vols last year. Even more so, THA1 will have an uphill battle against East Coast Bias and U$C's hype train. His chief competition will likely be JD Booty, Mike Hart, Colt Brennan, Steve Slaton, and Pat White. Overall, I think THA1 might have a better shot than Marshawn, but let's recognize that many of our big games occur at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. If THA1 shows up big on Sept 1 and then puts on a show for Corso and Herbstriet against U$C, Berkeley will boast their first Heisman Trophy winner ever!