Course Projects
  1. Identifiabilty and Adaptive Control of Markov Chains
  2. A Switched Extremum Seeking Approach to Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Systems
  3. Modeling and Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems: Two Case Studies
  4. PI Tuning via Extremum Seeking Methods for Cruise Control
  5. Discrete Optimal Control & Analysis of a PEM Fuel Cell Vehicle to Grid (V2G) System
  6. Plant/Control Optimization of a PEM Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle to Grid (V2G) System
  7. Car Selector
  8. IC Engine
  9. Refrigeration Performance
  10. Car Roll: An Experiment in Buidling Numerical Models
  11. Design of an Energy Harvester
  12. Parametric Design of a MEMS Accelerometer
  13. Interactive Computation and Graphics of Simple Beams
  14. Cal Super Mileage Vehicle Engine Spark Optimization
  15. AirSIMS: A Simulator and Executor for a Safer Airport Environment
  16. Macro-micro Material Design using Genetic Algorithms
  17. Design of a Pressurized Vessel using Newton's Method
  18. Motions of Baseballs and Footballs