E190E AirSIMS: A Simulator and Executor for a Safer Airport Environment

Scott Moura, Felix Keng Fong Cheong, Kelly Jung, Wai Leung William Wong
December 9, 2005

Technical Communication (E 190E)
H. Will Seng
UC Berkeley
The 9-11 tragedy has raised the attention to improve airport security. Looking into four specific areas of potential terrorist attacks, we propose a comprehensive airport security system called AirSIMS. Our goal is to provide a complete solution to airport security that is cost effective, adaptable, and immediately responsive to terrorist attacks. AirSIMS is composed of four modules: E-Passport identification, structural-health monitoring, population mobility monitoring, and counter bio-terrorism. These modules make use of the Smartcard technology, cryptography, sensors, and cameras. Gathered data is sent to AirSIMS' central processing system through a wireless sensors network. The system analyzes the data and optimizes the airport operations accordingly. Specifically AirSIMS calculates the safest possible evacuation route. The details of wireless sensors, algorithms, and actions taken by AirSIMS are explained in this paper. Synchronizing the four modules as a whole, AirSIMS is the all-in-one solution to airport security which minimizes highly organized terrorist attacks.