ME107B_2 Refrigeration Performance

Scott Moura, Jennifer Hisoire, Daniel Hon, Kenny Langston, Tuthien Le, Matthew Rosenbrock, Timothy So
March 22, 2006

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (ME 107B)
Stephen Pepe (Graduate Student Instructor)
UC Berkeley
The performance of a refrigeration system is analyzed by performing experiments at various operating conditions. In particular, this investigation seeks to characterize the precooler device and its effect on overall performance. A theoretical model is developed and assumptions are made in order to reduce the raw data into conclusive evidence. Validating these assumptions and data reduction techniques is crucial to examining the system. Most notably, three methods are used to determine the heat removed from the refrigerated space. It is found that the heat removed from the water/glycol is inconsistent with the other two methods. As a result, recommendations are made and alternate procedures are pursued. The final results show that performance increases linearly with total Freon mass flow rate. Additionally, the precooler has no significant effect on performance.