ME569 PI Tuning via Extremum Seeking Methods for Cruise Control

Scott Moura, Yiyao(Andy) Chang
December 18, 2007

Control of Advanced Powertrain Systems (ME 569)
Professor Anna Stefanopoulou
University of Michigan
In this study, we reproduce the results from an existing paper on PID tuning using extremum seeking (ES) methods. In addition to analyzing performance with respect to existing tuning methods, we investigate the ES algorithm parameters and how their values impact stability and convergence speed. To demonstrate the efficacy of ES on tuning classical controllers, we apply the algorithm to a simple cruise control problem. The results indicate the effectiveness of ES as an adaptive control algorithm. Moreover, sensitivity analysis on the ES algorithm parameters and controller gains reveal several potential areas for improvement, such as controller gain constraints, variable ES parameters, and dynamic cost functions. As a result, we suggest general guidelines for tuning controllers with ES.