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PA-PANDA Full-Scale Exercise

We are in the midst of planning a major exercise with the City of Palo Alto and PANDA. The exercise simulates the initial response to a major earthquake in which there is extensive damage throughout the Bay Area (i.e., there is little hope of immediate mutual aid). City involvement includes activation of the city EOC and an emergency response to a simulated occupied-school-building collapse. PANDA involvement includes simulated damage assessment and response efforts in a residential neighborhood. PAARC involvement includes partial activation of our EOC and opening of a shelter at Cubberley.

This exercise is scheduled to take place on April 19, 2005. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in any way.

Shelter Manager Training

We would like to increase the number of qualified shelter managers in the chapter. If you are interested in helping to  coordinate a shelter manager training or in training as a shelter manager, please let me know.


A "mini-drill" is an exercise that lasts one hour (or less) and targets a specific skill needed or task undertaken by disaster volunteers. Unless otherwise noted, mini-drills precede the regular DSV meeting.


Date Topic Goals Notes
Aug or Sep DV meeting EOC Operations Hands-on practice of getting EOC operations of individual functions operaional Directed by Ted Easley, planned in collaboration with function leads
Oct 15, 2003 Client interaction Practice client interaction skills with an emphasis on psychological first aid Directed by Judy Boore
 July? Shelter tour (Mt. View Community Ctr, Cubberley, others) Familiarize volunteers with locations, facilities, materials, and proposed layouts of first-to-open shelters Directed by Patrick McKenna


  DAT support Familiarize volunteers with DAT needs, resources and communication channels Logistics drill: respond to DAT communications requesting food, housing, etc.
  Crisis operations Help volunteers think about essential aspects of operations and what alternative resources are available Operations without phone or power
  Shelter setup Practice problem-solving skills associated with basic sheter setup activities, most notably shelter inspection, registration setup, posting signage and determining shelter layout Round-robin with multiple stations
First responder Learn priority considerations of first responders that supersede main function considerations
DAT/MC transition Understand procedures for transitioning from a DAT call to a Mass Care operation

Full Drills

No full drills are scheduled at this time, however, we hope to run a shelter drill in late summer or early fall.

Past Drills

EOC Series

Familiarize volunteers with the locations of materials in the chapter house, with a particular view toward those needed for EOC operations (e.g., shelter manager kits, vendor lists, phones).

Hands-on practice of opening chapter house as EOC