David E. Meyer, Ph. D.  
Professor of Psychology 
Cognition and Perception Program 
Department of Psychology 
University of Michigan

Prof. David E. Meyer, Ph. D., is a faculty member of the Cognition and Perception Program in the Department of Psychology at Michigan. A mathematical psychologist and cognitive scientist, he received his Ph. D. from the University of Michigan and subsequently worked for several years as a Member of Technical Staff in the Human Information Processing Research Department at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan. Prof. Meyer is a fellow in the Society of Experimental Psychologists, American Psychological Society, American Psychological Association, and American Associ ation for The Advancement of Science. The American Psychological Association has honored him with its Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award. His teaching and his research -- sponsored by the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health, and Office of Naval Research -- have dealt with fundamental aspects of human perception, attention, learning, memory, language, movement production, reaction time, multitasking, executive mental control, human-computer interaction, personality and cognitive style, cognitive aging, cognitive neuroscience, mathematical models, and computational models. Reports of this research have appeared in various books and periodicals such as Science, the Psychological Review, Cognitive Psychology, Memory & Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Journal of Memory and Language, and volumes of the Attention and Performance symposium series, as well as other publications. After completing their doctoral degrees, Prof. Meyer's numerous graduate students have taken professional positions at major universities and research institutions throughout the U.S. and overseas. He has also served extensively on journal editorial boards, grant review panels, and administrative committees in his professional field. For more information about Prof. Meyer and his professional activities, see his curriculum vitae and visit his laboratory website, whose web URLs are shown below.

Professor Meyer is the director of the University of Michigan's Brain, Cognition, and Action Laboratory.

His curriculum vitae is available here.

Copies of representative major meeting papers, journal articles, and book chapters by Prof. Meyer can be obtained here.

Prof. Meyer's professional biography is available here.