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As part each students' coursework in Environmental Justice: Domestic and International, case studies were written on various grassroots struggles for environmental justice in the United States and all over the world. Students were asked to locate and research a struggle in environmental justice. As a part of that assignment, they were expected to ask a grassroots organization involved in or having some familiarity with the struggle for reccomendations on how to improve or resolve the struggle. This assignment was an opportunity for students to apply the principles they have learned in the classroom to actual struggles. Only the best case studies were selected to be placed on this resource center.

Domestic Case Studies
The Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal Project (DIFT)
Ashley Atkinson
The Navajo-Hopi Struggle to Protect the Big Mountain Reservation
Allison Parker
The Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository and the Western Shoshone
Jamie Kendziuk
Waste Technologies Industries, Inc. and the Fight Against A Hazardous Waste Incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio
Kate McCormick
North River Sewage Treatment Plant: New York, New York
Deborah Kolben
Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, Louisiana
Jeanette Wardynski
West County Toxics Coalition and the Chevron Refinery
Scott Sherman
Emelle, Alabama: Home of the Nation's Largest Hazardous Waste Landfill
Curt Davidson
The Struggle for Sierra Blanca, Texas Against a Low-Level Nuclear Waste Site
Josh Poshman
Environmental Justice for the Navajo: Uranium Mining in the Southwest
Steve Dancy
DDT Contamination : Triana, Alabama
Jeffery Rebitzke
Midway Village Housing Project
Melissa McMillan
The Siting of Beard Elementary School on Contaminated Soil
Becca Meuninck
Hog Farming in North Carolina
Harry Statter
The Garment Workers vs. Jessica McClintock, Inc.
Michelle Lin
Innovative Waste Utilization and the Concerned Residents of South Phoenix, Arizona
Sarah Brooks
The Maquiladora Workers and Border Issues
Elyse Bolterstein
An Incinerator in Flint, Michigan
Liam Kelly
Buffalo Creek Disaster
Allie Choi
Toxic Neighbors of Corpus Christi
Jim Mezza
Solution Mining in White Pine, MI, and the Bad River Reservation
Peter Macjewski
San Francisco Energy Company in Bayview/Hunter's Point, CA
Melissa Resslar
The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Bear Butte State Park, South Dakota
Michael Perrin
Barrio Logan, San Diego, California
J Holtzman
Agriculture Street Landfill
Alicia Lyttle
The Delray Neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan
Kathryn Whiteman
The Henry Ford Incinerator
Leslie Lott
Adams Center Landfill Facility in Fort Wayne, IN
Kimberly Clark
Toxic Waste in Chester, PA
Ryan Polkowski
The Dearborn, MI Arab American Community and Industrial Air Pollution
Amal Berry
Proposed Crandon Mine in Northeast Wisconsin
Jackie Callahong, et al

Hazardous Waste and Unemployment in East St. Louis, Illinois
Lara Brooks

Ipperwash Provincial Park and Stoney Point First Nation
Alice Cheshire
Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) in East Chicago:Environmental Justice Case Study
Erin King, Scott TenBrink, Jon Gunther, Deepti Reddy, Amy MacDonnald, Shanna Wheeler
The Results of Mining at Tar Creek
Erin King, Scott TenBrink, Jon Gunther, Deepti Reddy, Amy MacDonnald, Shanna Wheeler
Environmental Justice Case Study: The People of Anniston, Alabama vs Monsanto
Capree Houston
Environmental Justice Case Study: Chemical Weapon Incineration at the Anniston Army Depot
Max Bayrum
Makah Native Americans Vs. Animal Rights Activists
Matthew Weinbaum
International Case Studies
Marcopper in the Philippines
Cheryl Gregory
Engen Refinery in South Durban, South Africa
Brian Maguranyanga
Union Carbide Gas Release in Bhopal, India
Jeremy Lopatin
The Three River Gorges Dam
Ben Peacock
Texaco's Oil Production in the Ecuadorian Rainforest
Kristi Jacques
The Chad/Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project
Kathleen Grimes
Maasai Land Rights in Kenya and Tanzania
Julie Narimatsu
India's Greatest Planned Environmental Disaster: The Narmada Valley Dam Projects
Nisha Kapadia
Displacement of Indegenous People in Sarawak, Malaysia
Hui Ling Lee
The Jabiluka Mine and Aboriginal Rights in Australia's Northern Territory
Stephanie J. Sprague
Ecuador's Huaorani Indians Fight Against Maxus Energy Corporation's Plans to Extract Oil on Their Traditional Territory
Paul R. Siersma
Indigenous Peole's Land Rights in the Penten Region of Guatemala: After the Peace
Pattrick Callahan
The Nam Theun-Hinboun Hydropower Project in Laos
The U'wa Struggle Against Occidental Petroleum
Lena Van Haren
The Curse of Oil in Ogoniland
Erin King, Scott TenBrink, Jon Gunther, Deepti Reddy, Amy MacDonnald, Shanna Wheeler

All case studies edited and coded by Kate Jones. Updates and additional formatting by Yochi Zakai.
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