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The Hubble Space Telescope, as photographed from the space shuttle.

Mir Space Station
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Buying a star "name" FAQ
Another piece on star "naming"
World Time Server Can sync PC time to atomic clock
3-D images of deep space objects
Rod Urban's Observing Guide (Rod's web site)
Astronomy vendors and stores
Wide variety of astronomy links
The Accretion Disk An astronomy Internet directory
Telescope & Accessory Reviews
A cosmology tutorial and FAQ by Ned Wright
An Atlas of the Universe with maps depicting various distances from our sun
A relativity tutorial by Ned Wright
Let's Talk Stars Hosted by David H. Levy Astronomy Talk Radio
Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer The PBS series on naked eye astronomy
The Salopian Web Astronomy, Space, Amateur Radio, Satellites & Computing
"Cosmic Voyage: The Online Resource for Amateur Astronomers" Bill Ferris' site
William Shatner's Exploring the Universe web site
Edwin Hubble commerative U.S. postage stamps

University Lowbrow Astronomers at the Univ. of Michigan
The Barnard-Seyfert Astronomical Society Brentwood, TN
Cumberland Astronomical Society Gallatin, TN
Tamke-Allan Observatory at Roane State Community College in Harriman, TN

U-M Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History
Hubble Space Telescope Pictures
"Best of" the Hubble Space Telescope
U.S. Naval Observatory - Astronomical Applications Dept. Almanacs, software, and web services for astronomy
Science @ NASA
NASA's Spaceflight site astronomy viewing weather conditions
Space Weather Bureau
The Moon
Eclipse Home Page
IOTA Intl Occultation Timing Assn
Jeff Bondono's Astronomy Page A good set of links
Crestwood Schools Planetarium
Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State Univ.
Astronomy Glossary
CNN: Space
CNN - Hubble sees stellar birth, destruction in Trifid Nebula - Nobember 9, 1999
SEDS Messier Database
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Drake Equation
   Another Drake Equation page
Constellation Photos
Comet Observation Home Page Science and news of the Leonid meteor shower
Griffith Observatory Star Award
ASTRONOMY -- Current Month Sky Show
ASTRONOMY -- Next Month Sky Show
Make your own planisphere From Peter Alway's astronomy page
Views of the Solar System
The Nine Planets
Current positions of Jupiter's major moons
Treasure Troves of Science Astronomy, physics, math, etc.
Dublin Night Sky Observer A nice space/astronomy site
From Stargazers to Starships High-school level astronomy "book-on-the-web" tutorial
Astronomy Unbound A virtual astronomy text
Earth at Night from Astronomy Picture of the Day
David Green's page Includes astronomy links, free software, book reviews, etc.

Meade Telescopes and LX200 Links


The SETI Institute
ABC News' SETI page
My SETI statistics
CNN article on Arecibo; Dec. 27, 2000
Cornell News: Arecibo message anniversary
Cornell Daily Sun article on 1974 message sent from Arecibo
Official Contact movie site


What's Up Tonight?
This Week's Sky At A Glance
Your Sky Online interactive planetarium/sky map
StarLore Viewing indices by month
The SAA 100 best non-Messier objects
Clear Sky Clock Graphic forecasts of when the sky will be clear for observing
Clear Sky Clock for Peach Mtn. Observatory Dexter, Michigan

Satellite Tracking

Heavens-Above Satellite Observation
Heavens-Above Satellite Observation (w/ HOME lat/long (Brentwood))
Heavens-Above Satellite Observation (w/ Peach Mountain lat/long)
Convert lat/long between decimal and deg min sec formats Software for telescopic satellite observing and tracking with an LX200
NASA's Satellites and Satellite Trackers
Satellite Tracking Display
Iridium satellite information
Look up lat/long - Must have a specific street address.


Boy Scout Astronomy merit badge requirements

Space Shuttle Atlantis Sept. 8, 2000 launch

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