Current Work

Recent or Forthcoming Papers (download pdfs)

  1. Common Property
  2. Unreliable Water Service
  3. The Economics of Mutualisms
  4. Regulating Experience Goods
  5. Cap and Trade Programs
  6. Green Paradox (Carbon Leakage)
  7. Oil Production: Cake Eating or Soda Can Popping?


Policy Initiative: Central Bank Gold Sales

  1. Latest Paper
  2. Nontechnical Briefing for Policymakers and Journalists
  3. Two Key Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations
  4. Press Coverage


Recent or Forthcoming Papers









A. Common Property

"Putting Free-Riding to Work: A Partnership Solution to the Common Property Problem" (with M. Heintzelman and S. Schott), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, forthcoming DOWNLOAD: PDF

B. Unreliable Water Service

"The Welfare Costs of Unreliable Water Service" (with Brian Baisa, Lucas Davis, and William Wilcox), Journal of Development Economics, forthcoming DOWNLOAD PDF

C. The Economics of Mutualisms

"The Economics of Mutualisms: Optimal Utilization of Mycorrhizal Mutualistic Partners by Plants"  (with Miroslav Kummel), Ecology, (Vol. 87, 4), April 2006" DOWNLOAD PDF

D. Green Paradox (Carbon Leakage)

"Alternative Climate Policies and Intertemporal Emissions Leakage: Quantifying the Green Paradox" (with Carolyn Fischer) DOWNLOAD

"Limiting Greenhouse Gases When Some Users Are Unregulated" (with Carolyn Fischer) DOWNLOAD PDF

E. Regulating Experience Goods

"Regulating Experience Goods When Consumers Cannot Identify Their Source" (with Timothy McQuade and Jason Winfree) DOWNLOAD PDF


F. Cap-and-Trade Programs

"Cap-andTrade Programs under Delayed Compliance: Consequences of Interim Injections of Permits" (with Makoto Hasegawa) DOWNLOAD pdf



G. Oil Production Technology: Cake Eating or Soda-Can Popping?

"Let Them Pop Soda Cans? Drilling for Oil Is Not Like Eating Cake" (with Soren Anderson and Ryan Kellogg) DOWNLOAD



Policy Initiative: Central Bank Gold Sales 

A. Latest Paper

"The Benefits of Expediting Government Gold Sales" (with Dale Henderson, John Irons, and Sebastian Thomas), Review of Financial Economics, (forthcoming, 2007) DOWNLOAD: .PDF.

B. Nontechnical Briefing for Policymakers and Journalists 

"A Note on Government Gold Policies" (with D. Henderson). latest draft: April, 1997.     DOWNLOAD:  .PDF

C. Two Key Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations 

Size of Production Inefficiency     DOWNLOAD: .PDF
Gain to Government from Earlier Sales     DOWNLOAD: .PDF.

D. Press Coverage 


E. Related Work by Others